_MG_0047_MG_0045_MG_0046“Kazi” (Japanese monthly sailing magazine), Kazi Co.
-Many cover photos, articles, translations since 1985

k6_s-Current Regular column “Marine Photo Gallery”
2014 Jan. issue / Moth Worlds in Kaneohe, Hawaii
2014 April issue / Hobart Tasmania and The Wooden Boat Centre
2014 August issue / Viareggio, Italy
2014 June issue / Scotland’ Western Coast and Islands
More to come.

_MG_0030s-_MG_0030b“Sea Dream” (Sea Life style magazine),
Kazi Co.
-Cover Sea/River Travel Stories since the first issue 2005.




SD18+Hawaii-sSD19ミャンマー-s2014 Vol.18 ‘Hawaii Island Hopping Cruise’
2014 Vol.19 ‘Cruising Myanmar’s Great River, Irrawaddy’

_MG_9950-s_MG_9999b“Sea Dream Special Edition: PANERAI TALK WITH THE SEA”, 2013, Kazi Co.



“OCEAN”, Ocean Media Pty Ltd. Australia
Issue 46, 2012 December

s-_MG_0002s-_MG_0002b“ENGINE”, Shincho-sha
2012 November issue

_MG_0003-ss-_MG_0003b“MOMENTUM”, Nikkei Business Publications, Inc.
2012 July issue

s-_MG_0004s-_MG_0004b“Nikkei Business”, Nikkei Business Publications, Inc.
2012 June 18 issue

Seahorse-s“Seahorse”, the Royal Ocean Racing Club, UK, / Japan Contributor

s-_MG_0001“Pen”, Hankyu Communications
2010 No.279 issue

s-_MG_200407No927Tabis-_MG_200407No927bTabi“旅tabi / Galapagos with Koji Suzuki”, Shincho-sha
July 2004 No.927

s-_MG_200408No.928Tabi“旅tabi / NZL North Island with Mitsuyo Kakuta”, Shincho-sha
August 2004 No.928

s-_MG_200411No931Tabis-_MG_200412No932Tabi“旅tabi / PR column CANON LENS”, Shincho-sha, November 2004 No.931, December 2004 No.932